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Is your SEO working?  Are you getting what you are paying for?  Are there obvious improvements that are overlooked.  My SEO Audit service will find a good starting point for your SEO efforts!

If your car isn’t running the way you want, you take it to the shop, but you don’t just drop it off and let them do what they want. You have them look it over and give you an estimate first. That’s what our SEO website audit can do for your website: we’ll evaluate its performance, let you know what’s wrong, and what we can do to fix it.

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That’s so 2010

SEO moves pretty fast. If you don’t look at your website once in a while, there’s no telling how much business you’re missing. We can look at your website’s optimization and let you know whether it’s up-to-date on the current best practices.

We can also go over some of your older website content and bring it up to date. (Really, there’s no reason why you should have statistics from 2007 on your website, and why say you’ve been in business for 10 years when it’s now closer to 20?)

Don’t Get Duped

One of the worst things for your search ranking is having duplicate content on your site. But how do you know when someone has “borrowed” your copy for their own site? We can check for duplicate content and figure out how best to get your site back on track. If we can claim authorship of the content, we will, but in many cases it’s just best to rewrite and start fresh.

Fallen in with a Bad Crowd?

In the past, SEO off-page optimization could get away with getting links from dubious websites. Now, though, those links can really hurt you. Search engines have become strict about what links actually build up your value and which ones can drag you down. We can evaluate your incoming links and make sure you’re getting good value from all of them.

The More than All-You-Can-Eat Keyword Buffet

Sometimes optimizers are trying to get the best value they can by stuffing keywords everywhere in your content and code. This is something that used to work, but now can lead to “over-optimization” penalties. We can help you identify your most important keywords and how best to use them for getting the search results you want.

Now That’s Just Wrong

There are also sometimes when we look at a site and we can’t tell what your old optimizer was thinking. We’ll let you know when there are dubious things on your site and make recommendations about how to fix them.

Want to get your website humming? Need more traffic to bring in the business you desire? Please contact e-Marketing Partner today for your website audit.

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