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Need someone to look at your SEO?  Get a 2nd opinion?  Do a site audit?   Contact me today and let me see where your SEO could use some work.

Are you looking for a Private “Op”: a Private Optimizer, an SEO sleuth, a hired hacker, a linkshoe? At e-Marketing Partner we have keywords, will travel—if necessary—and we solve problems. SEO problems. Sometimes six of them before breakfast. If it’s a late breakfast. You might call it brunch.

If you want some help with your site’s optimization, please call 970-302-9697 or email e-Marketing Partner today for an SEO consultation.

When You Don’t Know Where Else to Turn

To put it bluntly, there are probably three reasons why you want to hire an SEO consultant: you don’t think you need a full-time optimizer, you don’t want a full-time optimizer, or you have a full-time optimizer but you’re not sure you trust them. In all these cases, we can help you make sure your website is on the right track for achieving and maintaining high placement in search engine results.

Typical SEO consulting services include:

  • Website audit
  • Competitive research
  • Keyword research
  • Review of your site’s structure and content strategy

All customized to help you reach your business’ goals.

The Case of the Self-Optimizing Site

If you have a unique business that doesn’t have any real competition either in your area or anywhere, you might just need one-time optimizing to get your site found. People are looking for you specifically—you just need to make sure Google and the other search engines know where you can be found.

We can look over your website, make sure everything is in order, register your domain with the search engines, submit sitemaps, and perform some other basic SEO functions.

The Case of the DIYer

Think you would rather do your own optimizing, either because you want to do it or you can’t afford an optimizer full-time? We can talk to you about some basic strategies, help you plan your SEO strategy, and leave you to your own devices.

And if you find you can’t do it or just don’t have the time to do it, you can always hire us full time.

The Case of the Opportunistic Optimizer

Do you have an optimizer that you’ve lost faith in? We can check out what your current optimizer is doing and let you know whether you should keep with them or not. SEO is harder than it looks, so it may just be that you’re up against more competition than you imagined or there are significant obstacles to achieving your goals. Or it may be that your current optimizer either isn’t doing what he promised or is using outdated tactics.

We can give you peace of mind about your site’s optimization.

If you have an SEO problem, hire a professional. Please contact e-Marketing Partner today to set up your consultation.

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