Blinna – Something different

In the 1870s a large number of Germans who had colonized Russia by the request to Catherine the Great were forced to leave their homes by Alexander II. Many of these Germans came to America and settled in the Midwest and Great Plains states. My family, on my father’s side has ties to this immigration.

One of the traditions that has come down through my family from the old country is the culinary delight of Blinna. My grandmother often compared Blinna to an old dishrag. They are a very thin yeast pancake. They are cooked on a hot griddle, served flat and then rolled with syrup and butter. This is a meal my great-grandmother, Christina Urich Weber, used to make for the men working in the fields at lunchtime. She would prepare a large batch and so they were warm and ready at noon.

I don’t have my great-grandmother’s recipe, but this is a recipe from another Loveland Colorado woman named Florence Zeiler.

3 cups flour
2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 pkg dry yeast dissolved in 1 cup lukewarm water
2 cups scalded milk cooled
Combine to make a soft sponge, let set overnight or 
for several hours.
Scald 1/2 cup milk, add 1 tsp soda to milk, 
1/3 cup melted butter and 3 eggs beaten to batter.
Bake on a hot skillet, brushed lightly with oil the 
first time or if the Blinna stick. Brush with hot melted butter.

I made these this week for my sister and her children to rave reviews.

If you like this, or are interested in other German recipes I would recommend the German cookbook titled Küche Kochen from the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia International

Managing Your Online Presence – Don’t Get Caught Like Progressive

Last week Progressive insurance got swept away in a viral firestorm of negative Internet opinion.  Progressive attorneys helped defend a driver in court who was accused of causing an accident that resulted in the death of a Progressive policyholder so they wouldn’t have to pay a claim.  The decedent’s brother, Matt Fisher, wrote about this on his tumbler blog in a post titled My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court.

Progressive’s response? A series of tweets proclaiming their innocence.

A situation like this sounds like a nightmare. Hopefully your business does not routinely find themselves opposite your client in a courtroom, but you should be ready for complaints via the Internet.

Here are some tips for small business owners who want to get started managing their reputation online.

Create a Google Alert for your business name

Actively monitor your Facebook page for customer comments

Monitor other services such as Google+, Twitter and Linked In for possible negative comments

If you find a negative comment be sure to respond in a positive, professional manner.

Cool Off Scream, yell, complain to your colleagues, go to the gym, run around the block, whatever, but don’t respond while you are still angry.

Respond In Person Nothing is worse than what looks like a canned or automated response. This was probably Progressive’s biggest mistake. Rather than actively engaging they just sent Flo-bot out to do the job.

Don’t be sarcastic Be as professional as responsible, and if necessary, contrite when crafting a response. There’s no need to apologize if you being wrongly accused, but don’t be afraid to own up to your own mistake.

Present the facts Don’t go overboard on defending yourself, but share any relevant facts about the issue that may help mitigate the situation.

Offer a solution Share what you are going to do to correct the situation and/or ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.

Follow up offline Let the commenter know that you are going to follow up with a phone call or an email and discuss the issue one on one rather than in a public forum.

The Internet is where we do business, even for tiniest the most tech phobic business. Hopefully these tips will help you keep an eye on your online reputation and avoid the pitfalls that Progressive fell into.

How much money does Google make?

Wonder why Google hates SEO? This graphic explains it all. If your site shows up in the natural rankings, you don’t need to buy advertising from the, and advertising is where the money is at.

Google Behind The Numbers

Consistency is key to SEO, Life

London 2012 - Olympic Rings It’s Olympic time once again. Athletes have traveled from all over the world to London, England to display their athletic prowess and competitive spirit. While watching the Olympic events it becomes very apparent that there is one thing all of these competitors have in common.

Missy Franklin, Gabby Douglas, Misty May, Bradley Wiggins, Ryan Lochte the list goes on. No matter the sport, the one thing all of these people have in common is consistency. They get up every morning and go train, workout, swim, ride, do whatever it takes to be number one. The SEO world is a lot like that. Sure, we don’t chase after gold medals and national anthems, we chase after Google listings and Facebook shares, but it’s the same concept. You must be consistent. Jumping in and out of an SEO, Social Media or SEO campaign isn’t going to get you to the gold, you have to be working on the project on a regular basis.

Don’t wait until you need the traffic to start thinking about SEO, let it build with your business and engage your customer base on Social Media and through other channels every day and you will see you rankings and business grow together.

Did Mobile Me close down on you?

If you are one of thousands of people using Mobile Me, Apple hung a Closed Sign on your website this week. Sure, you were warned. You knew that Apple was changing to the iCloud, but for whatever reason you didn’t make the switch, didn’t do it properly or didn’t think it would effect you. Now you have a problem, anyone who visits your site sees the Closed Sign and thinks you just went out of business (because we all know nobody reads anything on the Internet).

If Apple and Mobile Me has left you high and dry I recommend getting help ASAP. e-Marketing Partner offers website hosting that lets you publish right from iWeb and get your site moving again.
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