Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Take advantage of Pay-Per-Click advertising

PPC advertising gets visitors to your page in an efficient way.   Let me help you manage your PPC campaigns.

Have hard-to-hit keywords? Do you need to show up for them now? Trying to target a small area or demographic? These might seem like mission: impossible for organic SEO, but it’s all in a day’s work for PPC, the special ops of optimization. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to show up in searches that are either too difficult or too expensive to reach with organic SEO.

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How PPC Works

PPC advertising is the paid advertisements you see come up on search results or on some websites. It’s called Pay-Per-Click because you pay every time someone clicks on the advertisement, whether you end up getting a lead out of that contact or not.

The amount it costs depends on the terms you are bidding for and the location and type of advertisement.

A Rapid Response Team

Organic SEO efforts can take months to assemble the proper on-page SEO and off-page SEO tactics and build up your ranking. The elite PPC team is ready to respond at a moment’s notice. You call us, we set up the campaign, and you can start showing up in search results immediately.

This is helpful if you are trying to reach clients in a timely fashion to capitalize on recent events, news coverage, or complement a marketing campaign in other media.

Bypass, Haul A**, and call PPC

If you have a lot of keywords you’re trying to target, it’s easy for your optimization efforts to get bogged down and make little progress on any of them. PPC allows you to focus optimization on your most important keywords to maximize your ROI. PPC can then be used to “mop up” the rest of the keywords so you’re not missing those potential leads.

PPC is a great way to target local searches for neighborhoods, suburbs, and counties or regions. Campaigns can be set up to show for keyword searches including whatever terms you want made in particular areas at particular times and more.

The Highest Quality Results

The quality of traffic you get from PPC is better than that from natural search. When searchers come to your site from natural results, they could be looking for any type of information and may be a long way from making a purchase decision. PPC traffic, on the other hand, is mostly made up of people who are either ready or close to ready to buy. You are more likely to get paying leads this way.

For more information about PPC, please contact e-Marketing Partner today for a consultation.

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