Local SEO

SEO targeted to your local community

Small businesses need to target their local audience.   Let us help you get to the top of your local search listings

A man comes into your office. His skin is burnished by sun and sand, his worn clothes dusty from the road. He peers at you with earnest eyes under the brim of his hat and says, “I have traveled weeks to hire you.” He places a leather bag of gold coins on the counter.

When was the last time this happened to you? As nice as it might be—especially the bag of gold coins—the truth is that most of your clients are local: they want to travel minutes, not weeks, to reach you. Depending on your business, there may be some clients who are likely to travel long distances to hire you, but in many industries it just doesn’t make sense. That’s why you need local SEO—optimization that makes sure people find your business when they’re searching for services in your city, town, or zip code.

At e-Marketing Partner we know how to make sure potential clients find you when they search using local identifiers. For more information, please call 970-302-9697 or email e-Marketing Partner today.

You Are the People in Their Neighborhood

There are hundreds, even thousands of potential clients all around you. You pass them on your way into work. They may drive unseeing by your location on their own way to work or the grocery store. But that doesn’t mean anything if they search for a business and find not you, but a competitor.

Local SEO makes sure that people find your business when they are searching using identifiers such as the name of a town, a neighborhood, a zip code, or others. We can explore the search patterns and identify which terms people are using to find businesses in your area. We can also use Pay-Per-Click advertising to make sure you show up for less common but potentially valuable terms.

Searchers on the Move

These days, more and more people actually search for businesses while they are already away from home. Using smartphones and even tablets, people are looking for something just around the corner or on the way home. Already, about half of all local searches come from a mobile device, and it continues to grow. You need optimization that captures these searchers and ensures they don’t just drive by—it brings them in the door.

e-Marketing Partner can help you with all your SEO needs, including local SEO. For more information on how we can help your business, please contact us today.

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