Setting your priorities

Today there was a major announcement that shook the Internet. Blogger and force of nature Lisa Barone announced she was leaving her position at Outspoken Media, the company she helped to found. She mentioned the quote, “Your priorities are the things you do, not the things you say you’ll do.” so it would appear that […]

Google+ – It’s like Twitter but harder to use

When you work in an industry sometimes there are tools you just have to use. For SEO professionals, like me, anything Google put out deserves your attention. Google+ (or Google Plus) is the latest, greatest, most publicized tool for SEO out there and there has been a lot of buzz about Google promoting it. I’ve […]

Run your own SEO race

This article, An SEO Campaign Is Like a Marathon by Nick Bernard is probably one of the best analogies for an SEO campaign that I’ve read. SEO isn’t a sprint, isn’t a one time shot and isn’t a quick solution. It’s like preparing for and running a Marathon. Of course, if I had been writing […]

The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry

Dr. Andrew Hall, at The Studio for Exceptional Dentistry cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, needed a new look, new content and better search engine rankings. e-Marketing Partner was able to help him out with all three using one of our Dental SEO Packages.