Is Google’s Over-Optimization penalty real?

One of the hot topics today in SEO is Over Optimization.  Matt Cutts announced a few months ago that sites that are over optimized are may have some problems.  He was (as is the Matt Cutts oracle’s tendency) vague and uncertain about what or how or when this over optimization penalty would be implemented. Many […]

Is Google+ a Viable Social Network?

On the heels of an announcement that Electronic Arts has withdrawn its hit game “Bejeweled Blitz” from Google+ comes news that game developing company Wooga has declared its intentions to follow suit by removing several of its games from the social network by July 1. The removal of games from Google+ is the latest blow […]

How Search Marketing is Changing in 2012

If you are involved in SEO or online marketing in 2012 you may feel as though your head is spinning with the constant changes to marketing practices. It can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with an ever-changing industry. Just when you think that you’re getting to grips with what’s happening – Google moves the […]

History of Google’s Algorithm Changes

A nice followup to yesterday’s post. Here is an interesting infographic charting Google’s algorithm change history. Interesting to note the flurry of activity over the last 18 months or so. This doesn’t even show the now infamous Penguin update since it was made in February.

First Rule of SEO – Don’t Panic!

The SEO world has been topsy-turvy lately.  It started with Matt Cutts’ comment about an over optimization penalty at SXSW, it continued with the Penguin Update and now you have some of the search engine sites writing articles like What If The Google Penguin Update Inadvertently Killed The Web As We Know It? and Free […]