Blinna – Something different

In the 1870s a large number of Germans who had colonized Russia by the request to Catherine the Great were forced to leave their homes by Alexander II. Many of these Germans came to America and settled in the Midwest and Great Plains states. My family, on my father’s side has ties to this immigration. […]

Managing Your Online Presence – Don’t Get Caught Like Progressive

Last week Progressive insurance got swept away in a viral firestorm of negative Internet opinion. ┬áProgressive attorneys helped defend a driver in court who was accused of causing an accident that resulted in the death of a Progressive policyholder so they wouldn’t have to pay a claim. ┬áThe decedent’s brother, Matt Fisher, wrote about this […]

How much money does Google make?

Wonder why Google hates SEO? This graphic explains it all. If your site shows up in the natural rankings, you don’t need to buy advertising from the, and advertising is where the money is at. From:

Consistency is key to SEO, Life

It’s Olympic time once again. Athletes have traveled from all over the world to London, England to display their athletic prowess and competitive spirit. While watching the Olympic events it becomes very apparent that there is one thing all of these competitors have in common. Missy Franklin, Gabby Douglas, Misty May, Bradley Wiggins, Ryan Lochte […]

Did Mobile Me close down on you?

If you are one of thousands of people using Mobile Me, Apple hung a Closed Sign on your website this week. Sure, you were warned. You knew that Apple was changing to the iCloud, but for whatever reason you didn’t make the switch, didn’t do it properly or didn’t think it would effect you. Now […]