Geeky SEO Valentines

OK, so these aren’t exactly SEO, but they are nerdy, geeky and awesome! These are from and etsy shop and are available for purchase as a printable PDF. It’s not too late, go get them and give one to the smart people in your life. Don’t like those, here is a great collection of […]

Let Your Light Shine

Colorado had a record number of new business filings in the 4th quarter of 2012, over 20,000. That is a lot of people starting a lot of new business ventures, and each one of them believes that he or she has something unique to offer the marketplace. If you are one of the thousands of […]

How to break up with your Web Designer or SEO

Let’s face it. Business relationships don’t last forever. Sooner or later you are going to have to find a new Webmaster or Search Engine Consultant. The most important thing when ending a relationship is that everyone acts like the adults and professionals we all should be. I had a conversation this week with a great […]

Google fires another shot in War on SEO – Raven Tools drops ranking reports

In a surprise announcement today Raven Tools ( announced they will stop offering ranking reports for keywords in the Google SERPS. Why are they dropping this valuable service? Google has restricted address to their Adwords API unless Raven Tools stops ‘scraping’ Google for SERPs rankings and keywords. There is a anti-scraping requirement in the Adwords […]

SEO in Spanish – Using a Foreign Language for Long Tail Results

SEO in English is common, but what many website owners have overlooked is SEO in other languages. e-Marketing Partner has been doing Spanish SEO for several years for Dr. Ben Marble, a podiatrist in Pueblo Colorado. When Dr. Marble created his website he decided to create a large number of unique articles concerning common Foot […]