Changing Your Brand: SEOmoz is now Moz

Back in 2004 a guy named Rand Fishkin and his Mom created a little SEO consulting company named SEOmoz. Over the last 9 years Rand has built SEOmoz and Roger the Robot into a juggernaut of SEO tools and information. is one of the most recognized, most used, most authoritative SEO sites on the […]

5 Reasons Facebook isn’t Enough for Your Local Business

Is a Facebook Page Enough for my Business Running a small business is a challenge, and there are lots of areas of competition for your marketing dollars. Some small business owners, due to marketing budget restrictions or just in the name of efficiency are skipping website creation completely and just using Facebook as a public […]

Treat Your Website Like a Business Asset

Many small business owners have a funny attitude toward their website. Some treat it as a necessary evil that they spend as little money as possible on, like business cards or stationary. These people rarely update, complain if it costs them anything and typically don’t generate many leads on the site. Others consider the website […]

Moving from Joomla to WordPress

Is your website in Joomla!? Are you tired of the difficult article management, having to install components for every mundane thing, frustrated with the Joomla upgrade process or just looking for something more mainstream? Converting your site to WordPress is a great solution. Finding a Joomla! developer Why would you want to leave Joomla!? Joomla! […]

VOIPo, GoDaddy and Taquitos

A colleague and I were discussing the merits of various VOIP providers today and the discussion turned to VOIPo. VOIPo was started by the HostGator people and the conversation turned over to our thoughts on their hosting services. I was defending HostGator with some comments about their customer service when things took an unexpected wrong […]