WP Admin Menu Problems in Chrome

Is your WordPress Admin menu acting strangely.  Are WP menu items moving up and down and not displaying correctly?  Are you using Chrome?  Think you are going crazy?  Well, you’re not. It’s a bug in Chrome.  Just go here chrome://flags/#disable-slimming-paint and click “enable” for the disable-slimming-paint.  Problem solved.   For more info, visit the great […]

WordPress Workflow Environment – Development, Staging and Production

There seems to be a movement against so called Cowboy Coding for WordPress over the last year. This is probably a sign that WordPress is maturing. Developers are using more development tools to streamline their process, user repositories and limit downtime. No more putting up a “Under Maintenance” screen and hacking away at a customer’s […]

Why Fat Girl Costumes is a HUGE win for Walmart’s SEO team

In case you missed it, the Internet blew up today with the news that Walmart had created a page titled “Fat Girl Costumes” on their website. Thousands of people were offended, major news outlets reported the scandal and articles are being written about it ad nauseam even as I type. Why did Walmart create a […]

Speeding up your WordPress site – Hosting, Caching and Compression

Is your WordPress site slow? Tired of long waits for pages to load? Are your visitors leaving early? Here is a quick guide to making your WordPress site as fast as possible. Test Your Site I was going to leave this tip for last, but if you actually want to see your improvement you should […]

Local Community Uses Social Media to Find Lost Noodles

Downtown Greeley has a tradition of art and sculptures, unfortunately not everyone in this college town appreciates the finer things in life. Justin Deister s “Say Cheese!” sculpture that featured a fork with macaroni on the tines (you know, like we all did with kraft dinner when we were kids) has been vandalized. Miscreants have […]