Downtown Greeley has a tradition of art and sculptures, unfortunately not everyone in this college town appreciates the finer things in life. Justin Deister s “Say Cheese!” sculpture that featured a fork with macaroni on the tines (you know, as we all did with kraft dinner when we were kids) has been vandalized. Miscreants have stolen the noodles that were originally on the sculpture.

Fortunately, the area is all under video surveillance, but before the lengthy process of tracking down the perpetrators, the Greeley Downtown Development Authority decided to turn to Social Media. They posted this on their Facebook page on Saturday.

“We don’t expect drunken sots at 2 am to be able to READ the signs all over the plaza that explain you are under video surveillance, but you are. So we are sure you thought you were very cool defacing a piece of public art, but it will also be very bad for your record when we turn the video over to police. So how about you return those “noodles” by end of day Monday and just pay for damages instead?”

No word yet on the status of the missing noodles.

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