Spanish Language SignsSEO in English is common, but what many website owners have overlooked is SEO in other languages. e-Marketing Partner has been doing Spanish SEO for several years for Dr. Ben Marble, a podiatrist in Pueblo Colorado.

When Dr. Marble created his website he decided to create a large number of unique articles concerning common Foot and Ankle problems. It was only after creating these articles that we thought about foreign language SEO. Over the past several years we have been translating these articles and posting them every week or two. As a result, Dr. Marble’s site has seen thousands of visitors every week and ranks well for terms like “dolor de pantorrillas” and “bulto en el pie”. Pueblo Colorado has a large Spanish speaking population, so this strategy worked well for Dr. Marble.

If you have a product or service that is viable in a language other than English, foreign language SEO might be right for you. Contact e-Marketing Partner today for help writing content in other languages, translating content or optimizing pages for other languages.

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