Marathon RunnerThis article, An SEO Campaign Is Like a Marathon by Nick Bernard is probably one of the best analogies for an SEO campaign that I’ve read. SEO isn’t a sprint, isn’t a one time shot and isn’t a quick solution. It’s like preparing for and running a Marathon.

Of course, if I had been writing this post I would have compared it to the Baja 1000, Dakar Rally or 24 hours of LeMans since I’m not so into the running analogies. SEO is a long, sometimes torturous and grueling process. If you come out the other side a winner you have accomplished something, if you quit, cheat, tire, you lose. If you stumble you have to get back up, but when it’s all over with it will change you.

If you have a business that needs more marketing I encourage you to read this article and start your own SEO campaign. It will change your life.

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